Stunning Aerial Photos Offer a Unique Perspective of Venice

Being one of the most photographed cities in the world, it’s hard to get a unique image of Venice. And yet, architect and photographer Dimitar Karanikolov managed to do just that with his stunning aerial photographs. People often think that the best views of Venice come by boat, but Karanikolov’s drone photos show the incredible artistry in Venice’s urban structures.

Waking up early to catch the sunrise, Karanikolov used a drone to capture incredible panoramas of the city. “Aerial photography allows a top-down view of the world—which could be done only with a drone or a satellite,” the photographer tells My Modern Met. “These straight down photos are very architectural, almost like a plan view, and completely different from the human, everyday perspective.”

Burnt sienna dominates the color palette, as tightly packed terracotta roofs are interspersed with splashes of blue canals and white marble facades. Reminiscent of ancient aerial maps of Venice, such as Jacopo de Barbari’s View of Venice, the photos give us a bird’s-eye view of the lagoon.

It was Karanikolov’s desire to show off Venice’s amazing urban planning, something his architectural background surely taught him to appreciate. And above all he wanted to show “a very familiar place from a unique new angle.”

These aerial views of Venice by Dimitar Karanikolov give a unique perspective on a city that’s been photographed by millions.

Drone Photography Vence by Dimitar KaranikolovAerial Photography Venice by Dimitar KaranikolovAerial Photo of VeniceDrone Photography Vence by Dimitar KaranikolovDrone Photography Vence by Dimitar KaranikolovDrone Photography Vence by Dimitar Karanikolov

Dimitar Karanikolov: WebsiteBehance | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use images by Dimitar Karanikolov.

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