Stunning Cake Art Is Decorated to Look Like Intricate Beading

Beaded Cake Decorating Ideas

Some cakes look too good to eat (although we will always indulge). Siân-Amy Pettit, aka @thepetitepudding, makes to eat or not to eat quite a conundrum with her colorful cakes that are edible works of art. Pettit uses a piping tool to create dotted icing designs that look like tiny beads sewn into the sweet treat. From geometric motifs to animals to cacti, each tall cake is awe-inspiring in just how meticulously it is crafted.

Pettit found her approach after trying to recreate another popular decorating trend. “I started out with more of a shag carpet piping technique,” she tells My Modern Met, “but I quickly found I preferred a finer, more intricate, and more detailed look to my designs. Something that felt unique, too. So that’s where the technique began, but it continues to evolve.”

Inspired by patterns, the repeating elements are a staple of Pettit’s dotting work. Some of her most striking creations involve birds, like flamingos or toucans, that are all done with the fine piping method in multiple colors. Getting to this point, however, begins with careful planning. “My process usually starts with something that I think would make a fun pattern (like fruit, or flowers, or a rainbow),” Pettit explains. “I usually then sketch out some quick designs. The color palette is really important to me and can completely shape the look of my cake… so a lot of thought goes into that.”

Ultimately, this type of cake art is a labor of love with a big payoff at the end. “It’s definitely a time-consuming technique,” Pettit admits, “but it’s always fun to see it slowly come together!”

Siân-Amy Pettit creates cake art that looks like the entire surface of the dessert is decorated with intricate beading.

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My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Siân-Amy Pettit.

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