Surreal Wooden Sculptures are Distorted With Pixelated Glitches

Wooden Sculpture With Pixel

Taiwanese sculptor Hsu-Tung Han fuses traditional woodworking techniques with a visual motif that is distinctly modern. Each of his wooden portraits is distorted with pixelated “glitches” that obscure some areas of the built figure. Part of a face, for instance, is missing or a man’s chest is vibrating with wooden cubes. The result of these “bugs” is a contemporary feel while the analog media is a contrasting nostalgic effect.

Han adds visual interest to his geometric extractions by varying the size of his handcrafted pixels. We see this in his latest work in progress called The Pacific, which he’s shared on his Instagram. It gives greater insight into how he creates the awe-inspiring forms. This sculpture features a man with lips pursed as if he is blowing on something with wind-swept hair to match. To begin the process of making the three-dimensional form, Han cut slabs of the figure with some pixels already gone. The sheets of wood were then fused together and, now, the artist is in the process of chiseling away to give the finished form his impeccable signature look and feel.

Scroll down to see the meticulous process that Han is currently involved in, in order to bring The Pacific to life. Afterwards, check out his Instagram and continue to follow along.

Sculptor Hsu-Tung Han creates dynamic wooden sculptures that include pixelated “glitches.”

Wooden Sculpture With Pixel Wooden Sculpture by Han Hsu TungWooden Sculpture by Han Hsu TungWooden Sculpture by Han Hsu Tung

Han is currently working on a new piece called The Pacific, and he’s sharing his process on Instagram.

Wooden Sculpture With Pixel Wooden Sculpture With Pixel Wooden Sculpture With Pixel Wooden Sculpture With Pixel Hsu Tung Han: Instagram | Facebook

All images via Hsu Tung Han.

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