Talented Couple Makes Waves by Performing Impressive Tricks on a Single Surfboard

According to Gabriella Cardoso and Eduardo Lima, the couple that surfs together, stays together.

Cardoso and Lima have created Tandem Surf Brasil, an Instagram account that documents their aquatic and acrobatic adventures. Tandem surfing is a Hawaiian sport in which two people share a surfboard and perform impressive tricks and spectacular stunts. The water sport requires an immense amount of skill, athleticism, and commitment, and Cardoso and Lima chronicle the extensive training involved—both on land and in the sea—in their comprehensive collection of photos. 

To the dedicated duo, however, the sport is much more than just surfing in style; it’s a way for them to grow closer as a couple and work together as a team. Cardoso notes that, in order to master each move, they must help each other and constantly communicate. The results? A better technique, stronger bond, and “romance among four elements; a board, a ban, a woman, and a wave.”

Tandem Surf Brasil: Instagram | Facebook 
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All images via Tandem Surf Brasil. 

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