Tattoo Artist Creates Stunning Body Art With Elbows and Knees in Mind

When persons commit to a tattoo, they generally hope to have just just one picture forever inked on their skin. However, a tattoo artist in France makes clever patterns that can be viewed in two unique means. Veks Van Hillik adds mesmerizing entire body artwork to people’s elbows and knees that reveal an additional aspect to the illustration when folks unbend their joints.

Every of these black-and-white tattoos is thoroughly drawn to interact with people’s bodies. So, whilst a finished get the job done could search 1 way when the client is squatting or bending their arm, it will expose yet another side to the layout that has an totally new that means when they straighten up. For case in point, a tattoo of a beetle can open up up to unveil 3 eyes. Equally, an impression of a butterfly can completely transform into a screaming human skull.

And whilst these functions look as even though they demand a considerable amount of money of planning, Van Hellik in fact makes most of these items freehand. His masterful inking techniques and vivid creativeness aid him craft daring system artwork inspired by character, macabre, and surrealism. Nonetheless, he would not limit his suggestions to people’s skin. Van Hillik also makes spellbinding paintings based mostly on identical dreamlike imagery.

Scroll down to see additional remarkable tattoos by Van Hillik, and stick to the artist on Instagram to continue to keep up to day with his hottest work.

France-dependent tattoo artist Veks Van Hillik produces amazing human body art created for elbows and knees.

When you bend and straighten your limbs, you will expose two distinct but connected photos.

This benefits in some thoughts-bending illusions on people’s skin.

Vek Van Hillik: Instagram

My Modern day Satisfied granted permission to function media by Vek Van Hillik.

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