Terrarium Lamps Designed with Fantastical Storybook Scenes Inside Glass Base

Terrarium Lamp

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If you’re looking to easily add a bit of green to your indoor space, terrariums are a great solution. The self-sufficient setup lends itself to all sorts of vessels, from old jars to geometric glassware. But for really small homes, you might not have the luxury to fill your tables and counter tops with extra curios. That’s where the terrarium lamps of Rish Studio come in handy. Designer Nupur Das Gupta has created a small collection of lighting that pairs conventional lamps with fantastical fairy scenes.

Each of the lighting features a glass base that holds distinctly different arrangements. Because there’s electricity involved, there’s nothing here that requires watering. Rather, two of the designs feature trees sculpted out of polymer clay and topped with dried moss. Surrounding the trees are the likes of faux flowers and a babbling “stream,” but look closely and you’ll also find elements out of a storybook—like the tiny Hobbit-sized doors.

In addition to the bucolic landscapes, Gupta has filled a transparent container with a bright floral display. Using an artificial (but incredibly lifelike) orchid, she’s included dried green moss as well as butterfly figurine to accompany it.

These quirky terrarium base lamps are now available in the Rish Studio Etsy shop.

Designer Nupur Das Gupta creates terrarium lamps that encase tiny fantastical scenes in the bases of otherwise ordinary lighting.

Terrarium Lamp
Terrarium Lamp
Terrarium Light
Terrarium Lamps
Terrarium Light
Terrarium Base Lamp
Terrarium Base Lamp
Terrarium Base Lamp
Terrarium Base Lamp

Rish Studio: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
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All images via Nupur Das Gupta.

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