This Amazing Eco-Friendly Shower Speaker Runs On Hydropower

White Hydropower Shower Speaker

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Looking for some high-quality sound to accompany your daily shower singing? Luckily, tech startup Ampere has got you covered. Their mission is to create innovative products designed to improve everyday life. The company’s most recent offering is a Bluetooth shower speaker, aptly called Shower Power, that operates on hydropower. That’s right, folks; this speaker is powered by the water from your shower! Gone are the days of hopping into the shower, only to find that the battery to your Bluetooth speaker is dead.

The Shower Power speaker connects to any shower head—without affecting your water pressure—and never has to be removed. It automatically turns on with your shower and uses Bluetooth to connect to your device. Then, all you have to do is hit play. The water’s flow rotates the device’s internal impeller, which is connected to a tiny generator that charges the battery. And even when the shower isn’t running, the speaker has up to 16 hours of battery life on a full charge.

Ampere didn’t cut corners when it comes to sound quality either. The speaker uses a sound wave amplifier to project sound in all directions for a more full audio experience. It can also be paired with an additional waterproof speaker—called Droplet—that you can place anywhere for a more complete surround sound experience. Control the music either directly from the speaker itself or with its waterproof remote. That way you won’t get stuck listening to that one song you always keep on your playlist but know you’re going to skip.

As an added bonus, Shower Power is eco-friendly. Not only is it powered by a renewable energy source, but it is also made of 100% recycled ocean plastic. Each speaker uses 15 recycled bottles. So, it seems Ampere thought of everything when they designed this speaker—even down to the playlist.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more information.

Tech startup Ampere has designed an eco-friendly shower speaker that runs on hydropower.

Shower Power by AmpereShower Power by AmpereShower Power by Ampere

It connects to any shower head and never needs to be removed.

Shower Power Hydropower Speaker InstallationBlack Hydropower Shower SpeakerShower Power by Ampere

The speaker connects to your device through Bluetooth technology and can be controlled via onboard buttons or a waterproof remote.

White Shower Power Speaker ControlsHydropower Shower Speaker Waterproof RemoteShower Power by AmpereShower Power by Ampere

It can even be purchased with an additional speaker for maximum sound.

Black Hydropower Shower Speaker And Droplet

Your showers will never be the same!

Shower Power by Ampere


Ampere: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Kickstarter

All images via Ampere.

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