This Camera Lens-Inspired Watch Is the Perfect Timepiece for Photography Lovers

Whether you are a photographer yourself or someone who just loves the look of vintage cameras, TACS’ new watch is for you. Designed to “capture the soul of photography,” the Automatic Vintage Lens II is a timepiece that features subtle touches to remind photographers of their favorite hobby and chosen profession.

The inner workings of the timepiece are also exposed, giving a glimpse through the “lens” to see how the watch functions. The screw-down, diamond-cut crown provides grip when setting the time and mimics the movement of adjusting a camera lens. Other touches include anti-reflective sapphire glass for protection and a face design that looks like a camera lens.

With a genuine leather strap and Citizen Miyota 82S0 movement, TACS doesn’t skimp on quality, producing a model that is a subtle nod to the craft that’s much more than a gimmick.  The Automatic Vintage Lens II will retail for $550, but is available for $440 if pre-ordered before October 13, 2018.

If this particular model doesn’t suit your taste, there are several options in TACS’ Hobby Time collection that are inspired by photography. From watches with a faux-camera strap band to timepieces with design touches that mimic digital cameras, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re a photographer yourself or you’re looking for the perfect photography gift, TACS might have exactly what you are looking for.

The Automatic Vintage Lens II is an elegant timepiece inspired by the world of photography.

TACS Photography WatchPhotography Watch by TACSTACS - Vintage Lens II Wrist WatchPhotography Watch by TACS

TACS has a full line of watches that are perfect for photographers and photography lovers.

Wrist Watches for Photographers

Nato-Lens | $220

Wrist Watch That Looks Like a Camera

Lens-M | $210

TACS Photography Inspired Wrist Watch

Color Lens | $200

TACS Photography Inspired Wrist Watch

Wrist Watch for Photographers

Vintage Lens | $290

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All images via TACS.

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