This Cat Looks Like Zorro and Even Has His Own Sidekicks

Boy, a Cat That Looks Like Zorro

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A blended Persian cat named Boy is beloved by men and women close to the environment for his resemblance to a well-known masked vigilante. The kitty has a black marking all around its eyes that seems just like the mask that the fictional character Zorro wears. With such a distinctive confront, Boy quickly went viral soon after earning his debut on TikTok in November 2021. His to start with movie has 1.5 million sights and the feedback are filled with comparisons to Zorro—now his nickname.

The famed feline lives in Indonesia with his proprietor Indraini Wahyudin Noor and several other cats. If a look at Noor’s social media does not verify that Boy is at the top rated of the clowder, Noor admits it: “I have numerous cats but this is the only one who has a mask on his face. He’s my beloved cat!”

Noor has also completely embraced the Zorro comparison. His Tiktok account (seemingly now just for Boy) has in excess of 20 million likes and almost 750,000 followers, with some of the most preferred video clips featuring Zorro motifs. One movie displays Noor unwrapping a bundle in entrance of Boy when the Zorro topic performs. A black cat-sized hat is disclosed and Noor spots it on Boy’s head, adorably paying homage to the secretive avenger.

In a surprising change of activities, Noor has also not too long ago welcomed some of Boy’s kittens into the environment. Of the new litter is a small mini-Zorro named Bandit who has the similar coloring as his father. Boy lovers appear to be delighted by his mini-me and just cannot get adequate of Noor’s movies. And who can blame them? They are cute.

See far more of Boy (or, Zorro) and Bandit by following together on Tiktok and Instagram.

Boy, a blended Persian cat from Indonesia, has long gone viral for his resemblance to the well known character Zorro.

@iwhy_ #kitten #Lazada1212Meriah #pubgmjinx #SultanCadburyHazelnut ♬ Gak Butuh disayang – IDA RIYANTI

His white fur is adorably adorned with a black “mask” and “hat,” earning the comparison to the masked vigilante plain.

@iwhy_ dapat kiriman dari followers luar negeri man #kittycat #kitten #CaffinoBaristan #koboi ♬ Zorro’s Topic (The Mask of Zorro) – LucasGitanoFamily

Indraini Wahyudin Noor, Boy’s operator, says that Boy is his most loved of all his cats. His Tiktok is stuffed with adorable movies of the kitten and references to Zorro.

@iwhy_ Membalas @kola_kikismeowmeowworld so tired #kittycat #koboi #CaffinoBaristan ♬ Cowboy Mashup – Restless Road

In a astonishing switch of functions, Boy now has a new litter of kittens. Lovers just cannot get more than enough of just one of his kittens, Bandit, who seems just like his father.

@iwhy_ my son’s title is bandit #kitten #kittycat #bandit ♬ Bandit – Ron Suno

Boy the Cat: Instagram | TikTok
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