This Giant Kotatsu Futon is Big Enough to Keep an Entire Family Warm

Family-Sized Kotatsu

Have you heard of the kotatsu? The ingenious Japanese invention is a multi-functional piece of furniture that features a table frame covered by a heavy blanket, with a heating source underneath. The ultra-cozy design dates back to the 14th century, when traditional Japanese households would sit at a kotatsu to keep warm while they eat. Today, there are many modern versions of the traditional design, from a desk-style kotatsu to one with storage space. The latest version we’ve come across is the “Super Big Kotatsu Futon” by Belle Maison. It’s large enough to comfortably fit an entire family under its covers.

A typical kotatsu futon measures around 160-210 cm (63-83 inches) on any side, but the Super Big Kotatsu Futon is a whopping 360 x 390 cm (141 x 153 inches). With all that extra space, you could cover a whole room under a cozy layer of fabric, and invite all of your friends, family, and pets to enjoy it with you. It’s like the ultimate duvet fort!

Available in two colors—beige or brown—the futon fabric is made from water-repellent, polyester microfiber. That means you don’t even have to worry about spilling beverages or food on the blanket, as it’s super easy to clean. Fancy a lazy day? You deserve it.

Find out more about the Super Big Kotatsu Futon on the Belle Maison website.

The “Super Big Kotatsu Futon” by Belle Maison is large enough to comfortably fit an entire family under its covers.

Family-Sized Kotatsu
Belle Maison: Website

h/t: [SoreNews24]

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