This “Rainbow Cat Barf” Scarf is the Ultimate Cute Accessory

This crochet rainbow barf cat scarf (credit: Amanda Julien). from r/interestingasfuck

Remember Nyan Cat? The animated feline with a Pop-Tart torso and rainbow trail was the subject of a viral video in 2011. The cute character became an internet meme, but it’s now become a style icon, too. Its likeness is now appearing in the unlikely form of a scarf. Yes, that’s right. You can now wear a rainbow-barfing cat around your neck.

Textile artist Amanda Julien recently uploaded photos of her adorable “Rainbow Barf Cat Plush Scarf,” as well as the DIY crochet pattern. It’s unknown whether Nyan Cat was officially the muse behind this creation, but you can’t deny the resemblance. However, rather than have a rainbow tail from behind, Julien’s textile version features a long rainbow that comes out from the cat’s mouth (similar to the popular Snapchat filter from 2015). When you aren’t wearing the scarf, you can simply tuck the rainbow tongue (or barf) back inside the cat’s head.

Julien invites anyone to download her pattern and instructions so that they can make their own scarf at home. However, if you aren’t feeling crafty, you can buy pre-made rainbow cat scarfs on Etsy, knitted and crocheted by sellers who were inspired by Julien’s clever design.

Check out some different versions of the rainbow cat barf scarf below, or click here to find Julien’s official pattern design.

Textile artist Amanda Julien designed a “Rainbow Barf Cat Plush Scarf,” and crafters on Etsy are using her downloadable pattern to create their own.

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