Tiny 1950s-Inspired Electric Car Can Be Charged in Any Power Outlet

On the historic streets of Europe, a smaller car is better for the quirky cobblestone and narrow passageways. The Microlino, a compact electric car, will soon be another eco-friendly option. It has just passed its last test and is now deemed legal on European roads.

The small vehicle has a design inspired by a Mid-century aesthetic. At nearly 2.4 meters (about eight feet) long, it’s clad in two colors that are a throwback to a 1956 BMW Isetta. It has a bulbous shape with no discernible hood (as opposed to a conventional car) with two lights sticking outward on either side. These choices make the microcar look like an adorable creature is traversing the streets.

The two-seater Microlino is meant as a city car, but its size does not come at the expense of convenience. Depending on your needs as a driver, the car has two battery options that provide traveling ranges of 126 and 202 kilometers (78 and 125 miles). Once you’ve arrived at your destination, both you and your passenger can easily exit the vehicle through the single front door. Charging the car is also a breeze; the Microlino can be repowered at any conventional domestic power socket in just four hours. A Type 2 connector will get you back on the road in an hour.

Production for the Microlino starts in December 2018, and it will be in Germany in 2019. It’s expected to be priced at 12,000 Euros (about 14,000 USD), which is less than you’d pay for a full-sized vehicle.

The Microlino is a compact electric car that’s just been declared road-ready for the streets of Europe.

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Larger than a motorbike but smaller than a conventional car, it has a convenient feature—it can be repowered at any conventional domestic power socket in just four hours.

Microlino, a Compact Electric CarMicrolino, a Compact Electric CarMicrolino, a Compact Electric Car

Learn more about the car in the video below:

Microlino: Website
h/t: [designboom]

All images via Microlino.

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