Toddler “Fights” Sumo Wrestler and Receives a Round of Applause

Toddler Fights Sumo Wrestler

A professional sumo wrestler fights his toughest opponent nonetheless in an adorable video clip that was posted to Twitter. The Japanese athlete had a play match in opposition to a 16-thirty day period-outdated toddler, and just after just a pair of seconds, fell significantly to the flooring with a force of the child’s fingers.

This cute conference was recorded by the Chairman of Kashiwa Metropolis Sumo Federation, Akiyoshi Nagai, and it was his young son who was taking on the statuesque sumo wrestler. The two combatants begin the match in a crouched pose and soon after the match starts the toddler rapidly can take the guide and sends his spectacular opponent into a backwards summersault out of the ring. A distinctive seem effect was added to the younger star’s press to make the move all the far more remarkable.

Just after the match, the toddler was praised for his victory with a spherical of applause from the other sumo wrestlers belonging to the club. They stood all-around the perimeter of the ring and showered the victor with congratulations. The little one himself appeared really proud of his displaying and joined in the merriment with a large smile.

View an 16-month-previous toddler “fight” a specialist sumo wrestler and win in an lovely fight.

h/t: [Neatorama, SoraNews24]

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