Top 25 Art Blogs to Jump Start Your Creativity

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Working in a creative field and looking for a little inspiration? Or just love art and looking to see what’s trending? In addition to My Modern Met, there are tons of websites that can help you get over the creative hump and keep you abreast of what’s happening in the art world.

Whether you want to read in-depth artist interviews or simply scroll past imagery to get your creative juices flowing, there is something for everyone. Here’s our curated list of the top 25 art sites now. Get clicking and see what’s happening in the art world today.

Want to stay inspired? Check out our list of the 25 best art blogs today, in alphabetical order.

Best Art Blogs Bored Panda

Arrested Motion – Based out of California, the site focuses on street art and contemporary urban art. It often features studio visits, artist interviews, and exhibition reviews.

BOOOOOOOM! – A global arts & culture platform based in Canada, they also have a platform specifically for video content.

Bored Panda – Known for their viral content covering everything from cute baby animals to steampunk sculpture, often featuring artist submissions.

Brooklyn Street Art – Don’t let the name fool you, as the site has expanded to cover street art worldwide and has become one of the most reliable sources of information on the top since launching in 2008.

Brown Paper Bag – This site celebrations illustration in all its forms—embroidery, products, and even tattoos.

Colossal – One of the most respected blogs out there, Colossal has a laser focus on the best of art, photography, illustration, design, and crafts.

Creative Boom – Based in the UK, this site is a space for creative industries from graphic design and illustration to art and photography.

Creators Project – A celebration of arts, creativity, and technology run by Vice.

Best Art Blogs Colossal

Designboom – Heavy on architecture and design culture, they often feature incredible art installations and innovative technology.

DesignTAXI – The perfect place for designers looking for inspiration with logo design, advertising, or animation.

Design You Trust – Updated hourly with design ideas, photos, creative advertisements, architectural inspirations, and videos.

Fubiz – Media agency focusing on pop culture, art, design, and video in both French and English.

Hi-Fructose – As the online presence of the quarterly arts magazine, Hi-Fructose highlights both established and emerging artists, especially in the low-brow and pop-surrealism genres.

HuffPo Arts & Culture – Media giant covering literature, film, and theater, as well as fine arts.

Hyperallergic – A great source of breaking news in the art world, as well as exhibition and book reviews.

Best Art Blogs - Juxtapoz

iGNANT – Online magazine about art, design, photography, fashion, and architecture. Great for haunting, minimalist imagery with a slightly surreal bent.

Illusion – Tattoo aficionados will want to check out this site, which often features innovative tattoos among its rotation of art, photography, and design features.

Jealous Curator – Since 2009 the site has been publishing “art that makes you jealous” daily and now has a successful podcast and set of books about fighting your inner critic and moving past creative blocks.

Juxtapoz – Available in print and online, Juxtapoz is a trusted champion of underground art movements with in-depth features on artists, as well as exhibition news.

Lost at E Minor – A look at art and design, as well as music and technology. You can also jump quickly to trending topics for a look at what’s hot daily.

Best Art Blogs StreetArtNews

Nowness – Focusing on video as a means of storytelling, Nownesss celebrates the extraordinary of every day.

Spoon & Tamago – Wondering what’s hot in Japan? This site focuses specifically on Japanese art, design, and architecture.

StreetArtNews – A go-to resource for what’s happening in the world of street art.

This Isn’t Happiness – A minimalist Tumblr blog that is a treasure trove of inspiration for art, design, and photography. No text, all art.

Twisted Sifter – With stories on everything from the latest scientific discovery to creative edible treats, Twisted Sifter is an unexpected source of daily inspiration.

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