Unique Airbnb Is an Immersive Homage to Nintendo’s “Super Mario Brothers”

If you’ve ever wanted to live inside of a video game, here’s a way to get pretty close. One Super Mario super fan created an immersive homage to the iconic game franchise and listed it for rent on Airbnb. That’s right—taking a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom is as easy as booking a room.

Located in Lisbon, Portugal, the bright and cozy space features two large murals of Mario—along with Luigi, Princess Peach, and flying Koopa Troopas—jumping between pipes and over pixelated barrels. You can even dress like him during your stay because the room includes a pair of his famous overalls and red newsboy cap. The bathroom is equally as outfitted as the bedroom with all of the piping painted a bright green like in the games.

Computer programmer André Farinha is mastermind behind this Airbnb, and the self-proclaimed “major nerd” has loaded the room with several gaming devices. There are two Nintendo 3DS handhelds as well as a Wii U with 20 games. But if Mario just isn’t your style, you can always join the Darkside and stay in Farinha’s other Star Wars-themed accommodation.

Gaming Room: Airbnb
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