Unique Woodworking Cabinet That Looks Like It’s Melting

Unique Woodworking

Whimsy and functional furniture design seem like they wouldn’t mix, but we’ve seen time and again how the two can combine to create statement-making pieces. Russian craftsman Sergey Yaromil demonstrates this in the form of unique woodworking that’s as mind-bending as it is impressive.

Yaromil has carved a hutch cabinet that belongs in a world like Harry Potter or another fantastical land. The most striking feature is the top of the cabinet; the piece has an extreme curve downward and, with it, makes the cabinets below appear to be buckling. The frames ripple and add to the effect that this piece is coming apart at its seams. Once we peer lower, it seems that Yaromil has given us a clue why. The sides of the hutch cabinet have popped open and are overgrown with roots and branches.

This eye-catching hutch cabinet is undoubtedly one of Yaromil’s biggest conversation starters. He is a prolific creator, however, whose talents extend beyond furniture. He often collaborates with blacksmith Vitaly Syso to produce traditional Slavic weapons which attract collectors, historical reenactors, and those that simply enjoy the history of ancient weaponry.

Russian craftsman Sergey Yaromil has carved a mind-bending wooden hutch cabinet that looks like it’s standing in front of a funhouse mirror.

Unique WoodworkingSergey Yaromil: VK 

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Sergey Yaromil.

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