Unsinkable Swan-Shaped Ladle Designed to Float in Your Soup

With its quirky aesthetic and modern approach to homeware, OTOTO Design puts a creative spin on everyday objects. Last year, the Tel-Aviv-based company saw legendary success with its adorable Loch Ness ladle. Now, the company has given the standard utensil another marvelous makeover with Swanky, an unsinkable, swan-shaped spoon.

Given its hook-shaped handle and large, round bowl, Swanky, at first glance, may simply look like a stylized—albeit adorable—ladle. However, the peculiar product is far from ordinary. Inspired by the effortless buoyancy of a swan and engineered with balance in mind, Swanky is designed to never tip over. Whether swiftly set on a countertop or dipped into a bowl of soup, sauce, or punch, the handy kitchenware always remains upright due to its cantilever-like “s” shape. Additionally, the graceful gizmo is heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and made from durable, non-toxic plastic, making it any host(ess)’s dream come true.

As of right now, the fun and functional product is only available through its Kickstarter page. All pledges are appreciated (even $2.00 donations are rewarded with recipe downloads!), and various packages are offered. Non-early-birds, however, can rest assured; with less than two weeks to go, OTOTO Design has already more than doubled its $10,000 goal, meaning you’re sure to see Swanky hit the shelves in the new year.

swan-shaped ladle

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