Unusual Japanese Trend Uses Food-Scented Bath Powders to Turn the Tub Into a Soup Bowl

When you want to relax in the tub, you might include a scented bath bomb for the ultimate in rejuvenation. Lavender, peppermint, roses—those all seem like solid, soothing choices for a nice soak. In Japan, however, some people have a different idea of a spa day. They forego essential oils and instead opt for savory-smelling bath powders modeled after popular cuisine.

At first glance, the packaging for this spa product looks deceptively like food. It depicts tasty-looking dishes that represent each of the six different scents. Bathers have their choice of miso soup, ramen, gyudon, curry, Korean hot pot, and Japanese yakisoba. Rather than being paired with noodles, however, this inedible powder is sprinkled into a tub of water and creates the appearance of broth—making the bath its own soup bowl.

Before partaking in this unconventional spa trend, we imagine that bathers would want to eat first. Otherwise, sitting in a “broth” tub is certain to make them hungry for a piping-hot noodles!

These bath powders are currently being sold in the Village Vanguard online shop.

Village Vanguard: Website
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