US National Parks Are Having an Internet Fight for “Best Sunset” and It’s Really Sweet

Photo: Sunset in Saguaro National Park, Arizona, USA from Nate Hovee/

There’s an enthusiastic debate raging among the US National Parks, and for once, the current presidential administration has nothing to do with it. The deeply divided issue? It’s not about the budget or park fees; it’s an endearing argument over which park has the prettiest sunset.

The whole thing began, as these things often do, on social media. On May 5th, the Saguaro National Park in southern Arizona shared a photo featuring a gorgeous sunset overlooking a field of cacti. The relatively innocuous caption read, “Did you know @saguaronationalpark has the best sunsets in the world?” Not to be outdone, Joshua Tree National Park in southern California shot back in the comments. “Best sunsets in the world? Lol suuuuure.”

Saguaro National Park did not let that dig go unanswered. “We are a little biased but still true,” they replied, “Wanna have a sun-set off?” And with that, #ParkSunsetWars was officially on. Using that hashtag, park guests and rangers are posting their stunning shots of these places at dusk. But it’s not just limited to Joshua Tree and Saguaro—the photos feature national parks from across the US.

Although the two desert locales started #ParkSunsetWars, they aren’t the only ones to trade “insults” back and forth. Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska tweeted, “Oh really? Another hot park wanting to compete with us? We like to keep things cool when viewing our sunsets.” They included a picture of sunlit fog over snow caps. The comment didn’t go unnoticed by Death Valley National Park, one of the hottest places on Earth, who replied, “Beautiful! It must be nice to see a sunset a few times a year for you.” What a sick burn.

This playful banter doesn’t answer who wins this bizarre battle, but that’s okay; we get to enjoy some beautiful views. Does that make us the real winners?

Saguaro National Park and Joshua Tree National Park started an internet battle for who has the best sunsets.

Known as #ParkSunsetWars, it has people sharing their favorite sunset photos from the two parks as well as other parks in the National Park system.

While there’s no “winner” to this battle, we’re the real winners because we get to see these beautiful views!

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Sunset over the Great Smokey Mountains🌄

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