Watch a Talkative Cockatiel Play Peekaboo with a Nest of Baby Birds

Cockatiels are acknowledged for becoming incredibly intelligent. They have wonderful reminiscences, can be taught to conduct methods, and they can even study how to discuss. Not only that, but some cockatiels enjoy to play online games. A person certain chicken in Bursa, Turkey, is so wise, that he’s managed to discover a peculiar way to entertain himself and his sibling little one birds. He enjoys to participate in peekaboo!

In an adorable video shared by the bird’s proprietor, recognized only as Neşeli Kanatlar (which translates to “Happy Wings” in Turkish), the playful cockatiel is captured voicing the phrase, “peekaboo” and then ducking to disguise from the newborn birds who are sitting down inside a ceramic bowl. The tiny babies seem to be amused—albeit a small perplexed—by their huge brother, but the cockatiel isn’t only playing the recreation to entertain them. Kanatlar describes, “Brother cockatiel would make his brothers participate in video games so they don’t get afraid.” Aww!

Observe the amusing video beneath and adhere to Kanatlar on Instagram for much more lovable chicken antics. The animal lover lives with a full flock of colorful cockatiels, budgies, and parrots.

Observe this hilarious cockatiel entertain a few newborn birds by participating in peekaboo. out?v=mK5moyfUuXY

Neşeli Kanatlar: Internet site | Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All photos by means of Neşeli Kanatlar.

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