Watch This Adorable Baby Duck Nod off With a Flower on Her Head

Baby Duck Falls Asleep

The year 2020 has seen its fair share of terrible events. From wildfires and floods to a global pandemic and political unrest, each news headline seems more bleak than the last. However, we’re here to cheer you up with some cute content that shows there’s still some goodness in the world. That goodness comes in the form of an adorable baby duck.

Twitter user @wamlart shared a 20-second video of the little duckling falling asleep with a flower on her head, with the caption, “If u are feeling sad pls look at this cute duck.” The video understandably went viral, and as of writing, has over 280,000 retweets. It even inspired some fan art!

The original video was posted by Mother The Mountain Farm, an organic farm in Bundjalung Country in Australia that’s run by two sisters, Julia and Anastasia Vanderbyl. “A sleepy ducky under a nasturtium flower sun hat, having a nap in the middle of the mint garden,” they write on Instagram. “This little one is from our latest batch of Call ducks that hatched two days ago!” The Vanderbyl sisters named the now-Internet-famous chick Nasturtium, after the flower she wears in the video.

Nasturtium isn’t the only duckling on the farm. It’s home to a whole host of fluffy yellow cuties who love to play in the mint garden. In another video, Nasturtium and her sister duckling, called Mint, are captured both wearing pretty flower hats.

Check out the video of Nasturtium below, and scroll down for some more adorable chick content from the Mother The Mountain Farm.

Need cheering up? Check out this video of a baby duck falling asleep with a flower on her head.

The adorable duckling even inspired some fan art!

The original video was posted by Mother The Mountain Farm in Australia.

Here’re more adorable duck content from the farm.

Mother The Mountain Farm: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [daily dot]

All images via Mother The Mountain Farm.

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