Watch This Hungry Herd of Capybaras Eat a Giant Pumpkin

Hungry Capybaras Eat a Giant Pumpkin

Have you ever seen a group of capybaras eat a pumpkin? Probably not, but the unusual event is surprisingly fascinating to watch. Nagasaki Biopark in Japan recently shared a video of its rather hungry herd of capybaras feasting on a giant, 50 kg (110 lb.) pumpkin. You can watch them as they excitedly approach the gourd and chow down through its skin and pulp.

Even the noises the cute capybaras make are strangely captivating—you can hear them happily crunch, chirp, and coo as they enjoy their meal. In fact, Biopark uploaded the video with the term “ASMR” in the title (autonomous sensory meridian response). That means that the video’s sound is believed to be able to relax the whole body.

Biopark is known as the “Paradise of Capybara” in Japan. Other than receiving giant pumpkins to snack on, the 20 resident rodents also enjoy watermelon during summer. And when visitors come, they happily welcome cuddles and scratches. Another activity the capybaras enjoy is having open-air baths. The staff at Biopark fills the hot springs with citrus fruits, and allows the animals to soak in the fragrant water. The relaxing event is so popular that it’s even broadcast on Japanese television every year.

Check out the video of the capybaras eating a pumpkin below and find more videos of this hungry bunch on the Nagasaki Biopark Instagram and YouTube.

Nagasaki Biopark in Japan recently shared footage of its rather hungry herd of 20 capybaras feasting on a giant, 50 kg pumpkin.

This particular capybara is really going for it!

Nagasaki Biopark: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube
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All images via Nagasaki Biopark.

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