Woman Discovers Her Pet Chameleon Will Hold Anything She Hands Her

We think of dogs and cats as being the only pets that can make us laugh, but as artist Emma Ward shows us, that’s not true. In a brief series of amusing images, she photographed her pet chameleon Olive holding tiny toy objects. Tweeting that the reptile will “grab anything you give them,” Ward armed the green creature with miniature swords and battle axes. This is all as Olive looks on, clearly unimpressed with the great power that they now wield.

Since tweeting the three pictures of Olive, the reptile has gone viral with over 169,000 retweets. Although Ward didn’t anticipate such a fervent response, the series is a perfect combination of her and Olive’s interests. Ward is a fantasy-style illustrator who enjoys creating imaginative characters and worlds—and collecting things from them. Olive, on the other hand, simply appreciates smalls things. “Knowing she likes to grasp anything that goes in her hands, I thought Lego swords and Evangelion weapons would be an interesting idea,” Ward explained to

Since Olive’s explosive debut, Ward has continued the trend and put her leopard gecko Stimpy in a variety of fabulous hats. Maybe it could be friends with this similarly fashionable toad.

Artist Emma Ward has charmed the internet with her pet chameleon, Olive, who will grab anything she’s given.

Pet Chameleon
Pet Chameleon Holding Things

Ward has inspired other pet owners to do the same thing…

…but she didn’t stop with Olive. Ward later outfitted her gecko Stimpy with fabulous hats!

Pet Gecko Wearing Hats
Pet Gecko Wearing Hats
Pet Gecko Wearing Hats
Pet Gecko Wearing Hats

Emma Ward: Twitter | Tumblr
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All photos via Emma Ward unless otherwise noted. 

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