Woman Installs DIY Outlet Cover That Looks Like a Dollhouse Door

Dollhouse Door Outlet Cover

You might have covers on your electrical outlets to help protect the curious kids (or pets) in your life. While many of these covers are ordinary plastic inserts, Imgur user cristinaf had a different—and much more enchanting—idea. She decided to install dollhouse doors around the outlets and then shut the doors, effectively concealing the sockets while adding a bit of mystery to what could be behind the opening.

The miniature doors have small details that make the DIY project feel more real and, therefore, charming. Attached to one door is a fancy golden handle as well as a “welcome” mat that invites you to enter. To top it all off, cristinaf even placed a tiny key under the mat.

In the comments of her Imgur post, cristinaf reveals that the addition of the dollhouse doors was purely for aesthetic purposes. She doesn’t have kids but she does have two dogs, though she admits they couldn’t care less about her additions. And for those worried that the door is permanent, she thought about that, too. “They are also removable if needed and attached to the outer part of the outlet cover (mine are two-part outlet covers).”

After sharing the close-up view of the outlet, cristinaf posted a second picture of what it looked like in the context of her entire space. It goes well with the other curiosities in her home and highlights how the little things can add some intrigue to the everyday.

Imgur user cristinaf had an ingenious idea for covering up the electrical outlets in her home.

Dollhouse Door Outlet Cover

She covered them with dollhouse doors, making them look like an entrance to a secret land.

Dollhouse Door Outlet CoverDIY Outlet CoversDIY Outlet Coverscristinaf: Imgur
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via cristinaf/Imgur.

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