Woodgrain Rings Mimic the Swirling Patterns Naturally Found on Trees

Katrina Balling and John Jacobsmeyer (of Ball and Chain) comprise a match made in creative heaven. With a shared interest in nature and a unique array of artistic talents, the married couple collaborates to create stunning pieces of jewelry for their shop. Established on Etsy in 2007, the eccentric shop offers jewelry inspired by both knick-knacks and the natural world. In addition to owning the shop, Balling designs, crafts, and photographs the pieces, while Jacobsmeyer predominantly serves as the engraver of the shop’s distinctive and enchanting woodgrain rings.

While Balling’s comprehensive background spans fine art, sculpture, and surface design, she started experimenting with jewelry design as she planned her wedding in 2006. Like many brides-to-be, the self-proclaimed “artist by night and designer by day” desired a unique, one-of-a-kind affair. Rather than commissioning custom-made jewelry for the event, she decided to craft it herself—and the rest is (natural) history!

Ball and Chain’s assortment of jewelry (which includes necklaces, earrings, and rings) exhibits an eclectic array of quirky inspirations, from glistening fool’s gold and bewitching geodes to the textured tree bark of their woodgrain rings. Designed by Balling and imaginatively inscribed by Jacobsmeyer, the exquisite collection of forest-esque rings are the couple’s most collaborative project. “My eye for pattern and his engraving skills and inventive mark making marry together in these rings,” Balling explains on Etsy. With intentionally crooked lines, rough cuts, and swirling knots, the rings realistically mimic the aesthetic of wood to present a literal take on natural beauty.

To pick out your own timber-inspired ring and see their other delightful curiosities, Ball and Chain’s jewelry is currently available through its Etsy shop .

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