World Map Reveals the Unique Tourism Slogan of Every Country

Many of us have perpetual wanderlust and are always imagining our next great trip. If you’re searching for a new locale to experience, UK-based travel site FamilyBreakFinder has a map that can help. They’ve produced a world chart that has every country’s (available) tourism slogan on it. The hope is that the alluring phrases will pique your interest in a place you might’ve never considered otherwise.

The taglines offer insight to how countries across the globe sell themselves to potential visitors. They range in their tone and enthusiasm. As FamilyBreakFinder reveals, a total of nine exclamation points are used in these slogans, including Denmark’s incredibly promising, “Happiest place on Earth!” Some are more straightforward, like Brazil’s “Brasil—Sensational!” Others are simply perplexing—especially El Salvador’s tagline of “The 45 minute country.” Perhaps, though, this is a selling point, with a vague saying that entices you to visit and learn the meaning firsthand.

Here’s a list of the available tourism slogans for each country. Do you agree with yours?

Click here to see the full-size map.

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