World’s First Autonomous 3D-Printed Home is Fully Equipped for Off-Grid Living

Ever dream of living off the grid in a compact, mobile home that can withstand even the toughest natural environments? If so, the Ukrainian startup PassivDom has the perfect product for you. They recently developed the world’s first autonomous gadget house created from 3D printing. Called modulOne, these innovative abodes are 100% energy self-sufficient and are free from any fuel combustion, plumbing, or electricity transmission lines. Whether you’re posted by the beach or living in arctic conditions, PassivDom’s versatile modular homes can adapt to your surrounding needs.

The modulOne Autonomous configuration represents the top of the line for PassivDom. As such, it comes fully equipped with furniture, appliances, and the necessary gadgets to control them. This includes a built-in kitchen, bathroom, heating and cooling systems, as well as a smart air ventilation with oxygen level control. Incredibly, all this can be managed at your fingertips through your smartphone.

While you’re making yourself comfortable, the house is working for you. State-of-the-art engineering produces enough electricity for the home to run on solar panels, batteries, and inverters. The Autonomous model also has an independent water purification and generation system. There’s even a cloud-based video surveillance and alarm system to ensure your home is secure at all times.

The house is completely sustainable and has a warranty of 40 years thanks to its durable materials. It’s built from 3D printed carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyurethane, and resins—all of which are easy to recycle and won’t rust or rot. And because the structures don’t have foundations, they are mobile and simple to assemble. As indicated on its website, “PassivDom allows living in the mountains, in the forest, on the seashore in conditions as comfortable as a 5-star hotel.” The modulOne has everything you would need to travel around the world while feeling at home, and it even comes with wine glasses!

ModulOne comes in the Autonomous, Standard, and Module plus configurations, all of which are 387.5 square feet (36 square meters). Each has varied different levels of operations, gadget control, and price points to suit your desires.

Not sure if a PassivDom home is right for you? In the near future there will be modules available for test drives and interested buyers can stay in them for a couple days to evaluate the features. You can sign up on their website.

PassivDom has created the world’s first 3D printed autonomous home that’ll let you live off the grid.

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PassivDom: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [Inhabitat]

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