Hut On Sleds Prefab Tiny House By Crosson Architects


This tiny cabin is built on two thick wooden sleds so it can be towed off the beach and out of harm´s way. Designed by Crosson Architects, the Hut on Sleds is a holiday home built just over two hours drive from Aukland, New Zealand, and finds its shape inspired by lifeguard towers common on beaches around the world. The aesthetic is naturalistic, with unpainted timber evocative of wind and sand-blasted timber of beach-side structures. The fittings and mechanics are industrial and exposed giving the structure an industrial vibe that is both inviting and informative. A huge shutter folds up across the exterior to reveal and shade a two-storey glazed facade, which has an open-plan living room and mezzanine bedroom behind. Measuring a mere 40 square metres, the tiny cabin can accommodate a family of five, and is designed to close up against the elements when not in use. And be sure to check 15 modern tiny houses.

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