PROMENADE(s): In her latest series of works, sculptor Eva Jospin invites us to explore the region of Champagne — layer by layer.


Initially trained as a painter, Jospin, very early in her career, discovered sculpture as her medium. Turning to cardboard as her primary material allowed her to grow her works in scale. Today, the skillful construction of dreamlike environments and immersive sculptures stand at the core of Jospin’s practice. “With my artworks, I don’t tell a story. I create a world in which the story takes place and lives,” so Jospin. “The idea is that you go on your own journey inside the worlds I create. However, what happens on that journey is not up to me to decide. It is the spectator’s part of the story,” the artist tells us.

A recurring theme in Jospin’s work is the forest. Her immersive sculptures emerge from delicate assemblages of numerous trunks, branches, and twigs—details the artist meticulously cuts out of cardboard. Although filled with visual elements familiar to nature, Jospin’s works often have something mysterious about them. “A forest has a lot of symbolic meanings. What is most interesting for me is its depth. If you don’t know the forest, you can get lost in it, but if you know the forest, you can move within it—even at night,” the artist says in conversation with Ignant.


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