Latika Nehra: Imagining The Future Through Clay


Her “Cross-Polination” workgroup builds upon this profound study of prehistoric ceramics. It is a series of vases with a simple base and playful handles reminiscent of plant leaves, twigs, and other smooth, natural shapes. Nehra was inspired to create these objects not only by prehistoric pottery but also by the work of Karl Blossfeldt, a German photographer known for his precise depictions of nature. His almost sculptural plant images influenced the shapes of the vases, adding another layer of storytelling to the pieces.

One of Nehra’s main fascination with clay is its ability to function as a carrier of knowledge. “If you think about it, clay is such a futuristic material. So many things that we know today come from the shards of vessels that are thousands of years old,” the artist tells us with sparkles in her eyes. “That made me think that my work will also live on in future times, and led me to look at ceramics from a different angle,” she reveals.

“With my work, I want to pull people away from the screens and invite them to embrace tactility. In a world where everything is becoming increasingly virtual, the notion of touch gets lost,” Nehra explains. “But I am not averse to what is happening in technology. Quite the contrary, I am very interested, and I firmly believe that one cannot dismiss technological advancements,” she adds. Elaborating on the philosophy that builds the foundation of her work, the artist continues: “In my opinion, one must try to comprehend and look for personal ways of interacting with those technological developments, and this is what I am trying to do with my work. I like this clash of using an ancient material and crafting method but mentally going in this futuristic place.”


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