Colorful Interior By Waterfrom Design Studio

Influenced by patterns created on clothing and garments, Taiwanese Studio Waterfrom Design has realized a colorful home interior in Taipei for a female fashion designer.

Different artworks of well-known fashion illustrator René Gruau served as an inspiration for the colorful interior, offering a vividness and audacity to the overall internal space, reminiscent of french style. The study area in warm orange, the living room in tranquil blue, and the kitchen in palatial gold dynamically complement and contrast with one another. Decorated with intensely bright colors, the vibrant home brings in rhythmic and geometric charm. Translucent textures are reinvented as metallic mesh and glass in the electric-blue bookcase at the entrance. This piece of furniture produces see-through effects and a contrast between the glossy glass and unadorned slate wall, provoking optical illusions. Abstracted shapes of bow ties and belts of garment accessories and art deco can be found as artistic details within the bookcase interior.

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