‘Marble House’ By Openbox Architects

Bangkok-based studio Openbox Architects believe in the ‘marriage of architecture and landscape’. Their ‘Marble House’ was built in 2017, providing an interesting play with material, light and openness to the natural surroundings.

Openbox Architects were founded in 2004, and ‘Marble House’ was constructed in Bangkok under the lead of architect Ratiwat Suwannatrai. Following the studio’s architectural ethos, the team have created a sculptural marble facade that respects and complements the landscape. The white marble piece appears elevated above the black first floor facade, in a manner that welcomes and protects the courtyard beneath it, presenting innovative possibilities for the solid, substantial material. ‘Marble House’ follows an overall cubic form over two storeys and a basement area. The contrast of linear and nonlinear line detailing sits harmoniously with the rectangular land plot, maintaining natural features including a large, untouched rain tree. Further relationships between the architecture and landscape are founded through the inclusion of a balcony, skylight windows and a reflection of the surroundings in the surface of the swimming pool that wraps around the pavilion. Intricate patterns are visible in the exterior marble surface and mixed wood grains characterise the interior styling, with Openbox Architects presenting ‘Marble House’ as an intricate integration of manmade and natural forms.

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