This Health Blogger Shows The Truth Behind Instagram Pics

Instagram is full of incredible pictures of incredibly good looking people, but how many of them do you think are fully honest about it? Well, after seeing Sara Puhto’s Instagram account you might have to take another look at some of your Insta-favorites.

A 20-year-old health blogger from Finland has released a series of photos she called “Instagram vs real life,” where she has juxtaposed photos of her casual self with the ones taken only seconds later, except this time utilizing the camera angle and her own posture to achieve these staggering differences.

The message Sara tries to spread with her project is that none of us can or should be perfect, and the path of self-love and acceptance could lead to confidence that not even thousands of Instagram likes could match.

More info: instagram (h/t: inspiremore)

Health blogger Sara Puhto has created a photo series in which she transforms her body in seconds using the camera angle and her own posture

Here’s the philosophy behind Sara’s project

Here are her other transformations

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