‘Plain House’ By Wutopia Lab

For the renovation of his home and studio, artist Li Bin called on architect Yu Ting and his team at Shanghai-based Wutopia Lab. The project, entitled ‘Plain House’, offers an ideal space to support and complement the artist’s life and work.

Following the architect’s understanding of the necessity of balance, ‘Plain House’ presents itself as two separate spaces for working and living, connected together by a bridge. The first studio has been adapted as a personal museum for Li Bin, and new spaces have been created for making and storing paintings. The artist has been greatly involved in the design and construction processes for ‘Plain House’, with numerous features added to enhance creative inspiration. This includes the living room’s corner skylight, with tinted red glass to create a playful colour effect in the room as the weather and time of day changes. The use of red, considered to be Li Bin’s trademark colour, is also presented on a feature wall that contrasts with the rest of the rooms, painted grey as a complementary backdrop for Li’s paintings. The house also includes a tea room, study, a room reserved for servant quarters and a balcony workspace. The exterior appearance also displays features of attention to detail, such as leaf patterns that were printed into the facade whilst the light grey paint was drying. This natural imagery is welcomed by the presence of trees around the building, including a large camphor in the courtyard that rests against the exterior walls, subtly sloped inwards to respect the environment’s natural path of growth.

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