10+ Hilarious Panorama Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

I remember how excited I was when phones got the panorama functionality and one could finally make some truly majestic pictures with it. But as they say, for every good photo, there are 10 bad ones, and this time we’re here for the latter ones.

The way panoramic photos work is actually pretty straightforward. The camera takes a bunch of photos in sequence and the software then tracks the edges, tonal changes and all kinds of variables to stitch it all in a single image.

So to get a good looking panoramic shot you simply need to pick a stationary subject, hold your hands as steady as possible and shoot. But when some part of this process fails, you get a hilarious list of photos just like the ones you’re about to see below.

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(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 I Took A Panoramic Picture Of Our Living Room. But My Cat Decided To Walk Through

Image source: FallenCoffee

#2 My Phone Has A Wide Selfie Feature Similar To A Panorama. You Need To Sit Still For It To Work. My Girlfriend Sneezed, And This Happened

Image source: JuddJasper

#3 My Father-In-Law Having Fun With Panoramic Mode

Image source: McFortune-Cookie

#4 Took A Panoramic Photo At A Museum And Ended Up Making It Look Like This Girl Has The Ultimate Selfie Hand

Image source: Strid3r21

#5 I Took A Panoramic Photo At A Concert And Lights Changed In The Middle Of It. This Is The Result

Image source: _guppster

#6 My Dog Is A Cerberus

Image source: Pufferchung

#7 The Creepiest Of Crawlers

Image source: unknown.

#8 My Mom Moved During A Panorama. Troll Face Ensued

Image source: maddog595959

#9 Failed Panorama Shot

Image source: gandalfisadrugdealer

#10 What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Photo And Your Dog Runs Into The Shot

Image source: pembull

#11 Don’t Panoramic Photo And Drink

Image source: kingofthesofas

#12 Friend Tried To Take A Panorama Of Her Dachshund

Image source: _knoxy

#13 I Was Messing Around With Panorama In Class A Couple Weeks Ago, When This Happened

Image source: KylePeterson051

#14 I’m Not Very Good At Taking Panoramas

Image source: -Skizza

#15 Panoramic Of My Friend Gone Wrong

Image source: 43percentburnt

#16 Taking A Panorama Of The Yard When The Dog Walked By

Image source: lukeallen1

#17 Panoramic Picture Error Results In Perfect Phantom Middle Finger

Image source: nflitgirl

#18 This Guy

Image source: irrelejuante

#19 The Lighting Changed As I Took My Panorama

Image source: RAPTOR_PROTIP

#20 My Kid Took A Panorama Photo Of Me That Went Horribly Right

Image source: mcphadenmike

#21 Panoramic Shot Gone Right

Image source: GallowBoob

#22 Panorama Fail

Image source: unknown.

#23 So I Tried To Take A Panorama At London Fashion Week

Image source:

#24 “End Of The World”

Image source: 

#25 Panoramic Photo Gone Wrong

Image source: MichelleJaime46

#26 Took A Photo Of Butters The Corgi While She Was Swimming On Panorama Mode. Created A Corgi-Pillar

Image source: ceanders

#27 Catch A Wave

Image source: panoramafail.tumblr

#28 I Moved While A Panoramic Photo Was Being Taken, And Ended Up Looking Like A Picasso Painting

Image source: Newspaper_Edtio

#29 Panorama Of London Reveals Futuristic 2 Wheeled Car Design, Driven By A Prosthetic Hand

Image source: ducksizedhorses

#30 Panorama Fail

Image source: unknown.

#31 My Wife’s Hawaiian Panorama Shot Of Her Dad Didn’t Turn Out As Expected

Image source: ender411

#32 Oh Google Panoramic View, You Make Me So Happy

Image source: abice07

#33 My Friend Is Studying Abroad In London And Took A Failed Panorama

Image source: wisconsin_cheese_

#34 We Were Doing A Panorama Until A Cow Decided To Move

Image source: 56productions

#35 Speaking Of Panoramas

Image source: agills

#36 Panoramic Shot Gone Wrong

Image source: insolent_swine

#37 Multitasking

Image source:

#38 A Well Timed Panoramic Photo

Image source: tylergarner

#39 Panoramic Camera Caused This Castle Tower Too Seem Like Its Leaning

Image source: Gamma8gear

#40 Panoramic Mishap

Image source: WildAnimus

#41 This Is What Happens When You Take A Panoramic Shot Of A Horse In Motion

Image source: MentalMasochist

#42 Self-Taken Panorama Of My Husband And I At The Grand Canyon Turns Out Better Than Expected

Image source: lurkermyer

#43 My Bf Took A Panoramic Photo Of Me While Swaying To Some Jams

Image source: HighFunctioningCrazyCatLady

#44 The Needs Of The Many

Image source: panoramafail.tumblr

#45 My Dad’s Weird Panorama Fail

Image source: callmehdebbie

#46 “You’ve Got To Put Your Behind In Your Past”

Image source: kinghenrydood

#47 So I Took A Panoramic Photo With My New iPhone

Image source: Omodro

#48 I Believe I Can Fly. Panorama Fail

Image source: olboyenvoy2

#49 A Panorama That Went A Little Wrong

Image source: MythOf1961

#50 He Couldn’t “Stay” Long Enough For The Panoramic Photo

Image source: robz32x

#51 Panorama Problems

Image source: CobeySmith

#52 My Dog Walked Through The Panorama

Image source: FauxZ

#53 Tried To Take A Panoramic Of My Girlfriend And She Moved

Image source: Legit_Shit_Breath

#54 Keep Ya Third Arm Open

Image source: kodakzack210

#55 When You See It

Image source: hell_yersteve

#56 I’ve Never Seen A More Perfect Panoramic Attempt

Image source: comptonasskim

#57 Panoramic City View

Image source: unknown.

#58 When Using Panorama On The iPhone Goes Wrong

Image source: amystephens

#59 So My Sister Took A Panoramic Photo Of Her Brother In Law At The Beach

Image source: Mr_Skeleton

#60 When Your Head Splits Into 7

Image source: unknown.

#61 My Friend Stood Up During A Panoramic Shot And All That I Got Were His Disembodied Floating Legs

Image source: hulkrules22085

#62 Some Say They Gain Weight When They Go On Vacation, I Guess I Gained A Little More Than That

Image source: kylikamiller

#63 Panorama Fail

Image source: HickoryDickoryDock

#64 Split In Two

Image source: lauraellem

#65 Earthquake! Would Have Called It Bendy Ben, But Some Pedant Would Have Chipped In

Image source: Tim Gander

#66 Panoramic Photo Of My Niece

Image source: ASassyBroad

#67 Tried To Take A Panorama With One Of Our Goats, But She Moved In The Middle

Image source: Consent_van

#68 Tried To Take A Cool Panorama Shot


Image source: baileydee1993

#69 Pro Tip: Don’t Take Vertical Panoramic Pictures Of Your Girlfriend With Your iPhone. It Won’t Be Flattering

Image source: earwigy1990

#70 Took A Panorama Today In The Park

Image source: Abusiveturtles

#71 Panorama Fail

Image source: PanoramaFails

#72 My Friend And I Were Testing Out Panorama And This Happened

Image source: lilnug8

#73 My Brother Turned His Head During A Panoramic Shot

Image source: mrmailbox

#74 My First Try At A Panoramic Picture. Didn’t Work Too Well

Image source: tarazye

#75 A Panoramic Gone Wrong. What Have I Created?

Image source: LetHimFly

#76 The Horse Moved As I Was Taking A Panorama. I Present You: The Horsetaur. Half Horse, Half Another Horse

Image source: Thefolke

#77 We Told My Buddy Not To Move During The Panoramic Shot. He Didn’t Listen

Image source: bobbystrack

#78 Tried Out Panorama On iOS7

Image source: titsandwich

#79 Panorama Fail

Image source: AnineAanundsen

#80 To The Guy Who Is Bad At Taking Panoramas, You Are Not Alone

Image source: coltsrule87

#81 You’re Bad At Panoramas You Say?

Image source: MainAD

#82 My Aunt Can’t Figure Out The Panorama Feature On Her Phone, Which Leads To A Lot Of Of Mutilated Pictures, Like This Gem From Niagara Falls

Image source: psalmoflament

#83 My Brother And I Were Messing Around With The Panorama Function On My Phone

Image source: Devilman662

#84 When iPhone Panoramas Go Wrong

Image source: iamali84

#85 Camera Adds 10 Pounds, Panoramic Camera Adds 120 Pounds

Image source: GallowBoob

#86 I Took This Photo And The Panorama Function Perfectly Decapitated This Guys Head

Image source: rasmusknutsson

#87 Something Is Not Right Here

Image source: folxify

#88 Panoramic Ass

Image source: DefOld

#89 I Tried Taking A Nice Panoramic Picture Yesterday

Image source: yuckierbigfoot

#90 My Failed Panorama Came Out Looking Like That Scene From Inception

Image source: derzweitevonlinks

#91 I See Your Panorama Of Your Brother, And Give You One Of My Girlfriend Moving During One

Image source: NearlyOutOfMilk

#92 Long Dog Is Long

Image source: utku

#93 Thanksgiving With The Family + Panoramic Photos = Picasso Paintings In Real Life

Image source: artimismurdoc

#94 So I Took This Panoramic Photo Of My Friend

Image source: Ronakku

#95 I Tried (And Failed) To Take A Panoramic Picture Of My Cat

Image source: TheQueenOfTheNight

#96 Slumping Pool

Image source: panoramafail.tumblr

#97 Panorama Fail

Image source: unknown.

#98 iOS 6 Panarama Camera Feature Can Be A Bit Buggy

Image source: Jacob_bocaJ

#99 Hey, What Happened?

Image source: marttalainen

#100 I’ll See Your “Well-Timed Panoramic Photo” And Raise You Sloth From The Goonies

Image source: Bombingofdresden

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