A Homage To Free Friction Surfing

“Surfing without fins was how it started. Old Hawaiians didn’t have fins, just bits of tree, and that’s surfing,” says Jordan Rodin. In their short film ‘Into Bliss’, French filmmakers David & Douglas join Rodin as he explains and demonstrates his passion for free friction surfing. This focus presents a topic close to the filmmakers’ hearts–both Pierre David and Douglas Guillot grew up on the beaches of southern France, surrounded by surfers and developing a love for the great outdoors. ‘Free roaming’ surfing strays far from the competitive and commercial approach, and the directing duo capture an innate sense of ease and simplicity in Rodin’s ‘get on the board and go’ mentality. Long shots of vast, inviting ocean scenery and slowed-down close-ups of Rodin and his board paint a picture of the pursuit as an emotive, liberating experience.

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