Sali Muller Explores The Intangibility Of Identity In Her Unique Sculptural Works

In her distinctive sculptural works, Muller explores concepts of vanity, self-reflection, and the relationship between individuals and their environment. The mirrored surface is a preferred material for the artist—its reflective qualities allow the viewer to become part of the work. The mirrored surface is formed around rectangular and cubic forms. Installed in various arrangements, the complexity of arrangement is seemingly referential to the complexity of self-reflection. Muller’s work explores the finiteness of contemporary visual culture—in an ever-connected world, there is a growing desire to share, reveal, and reflect upon the notion of self. Within her sculptural works, Muller explores this as a unique shared human experience—that individuals are simultaneously isolated yet connected by the need to visualize, interpret, and analyze their identity. Often paired with light and sound installations, the pieces explore the intangible and undefinable nature of identity.

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