3D Printed Candle Snuffers For OTHR

OTHR is a platform for unique objects, designed through innovative processes. For the creation of a candle snuffer collection, OTHR called on the help of three design studios, each creating an iconic take on the classic object.

The Apex, Ocaso and Halcyon candle snuffers were respectively designed by studios Vera & Kyte, Studio Yonoh and Pablo Alabau. OTHR employed their usual ethos of creating useful, aesthetic and unique objects by “We avoid having to create more objects than there are homes for.”offering each studio the opportunity to design a contemporary take on the candle snuffer, which would then be 3D printed in matte black steel as demand requires. By only creating the physical object when requested, OTHR takes design morals back to basics–the platform explains, “we avoid having to create more objects than there are homes for.” This sensitivity to reality of waste reduces the environmental footprint of the label and puts a greater sense of importance on the consumer and their needs. With this, the minimally designed candle snuffers can be valued for their functionality, sustainability and the fusion of a classic product with contemporary design.

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