Single-room Cabin By JacobsChang

Located in the woods of Barryville in the Catskill Mountains of New York, this cabin appears to float above its sloped site and protrudes as an extension of its environment. This half-tree house that was designed by Manhattan studio JacobsChang encompasses a surface area around 360-square-feet and was built on a budget of $20,000.

The integration into the landscape is one of the project’s goals, which also included being simple enough that two amateur builders could complete it over a weekend. This tiny blackened timber cabin is built on simple concrete posts that anchored into the ground on one end, while the other side relies upon support from the trees. The design features a rectangular volume with a tapering edge on the backside, clad in traditional Scandinavian pine-tar. This contrasts the treatment inside, where the walls were whitewashed and the floors sealed to retain a natural tone. The tiny single-room home accommodates a bed, a wood-burning stove, and a corner kitchen with a table-top burner. Three full-height windows provide plenty of light, allowing for cross-ventilation and direct communion with the 60-acre site.

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