50+ Of The Most Hilarious Childhood Photos People Probably Wish Were Never Taken

It’s impossible to go through your childhood and teenage years without having an embarrassing picture or two. But these pictures just take the embarrassment to the next level. Check out this list that Bored Panda has compiled of the best throwback photographs, and it’s the perfect balance between being cringy and hilarious.

So let’s go down the memory lane with these incredible pictures!


#1 My Parents Weren’t Surprised When I Came Out

Image source: BoxBopChallenge

#2 Glamour Shot Blunder (7 Years Old)

Image source: denovosibi

#3 For My 2nd Grade Photo I Vouched For The Satan’s-Child-Lawyer Look

Image source: 17UglyBoobies

#4 In 5th Grade I Was Worried I Would Blink And Mess Up My Year Book Photo

Image source: wholebunchofbees

#5 That Time In The Early 90s When I Was 12 Going On 54

Image source: sparkleplentylikegma

#6 My Legs And Feet Hit Puberty Before The Rest Of Me

Image source: iamthedevilfrank

#7 My Mum Advised Me Not To Leave The House Like This, Didn’t Listen. That Hair!

Image source: chunky_rolls

#8 Just A Girl On A Spring Communist Demonstration In Lviv, Ukraine, 1968

Image source: xerurg

#9 I Swear It’s Not Square Anymore…

Image source: drshavako

#10 When You Look Over 40 But You’re Actually 12

Image source: ThatSquareChick

#11 My 10th Grade Year Book Picture

Image source: makemypenisworkagain

#12 This Surpasses Even The Fivehead

Image source: proffllama

#13 2006 Senior Picture

Image source: Super_Rosie

#14 Give Me The Sassy Grandma Look

Image source: dumbolddoor

#15 Playing Starcraft On 56k, Strategizing With My Buddy Pre-Bluetooth/Skype

Image source: RedBombX

#16 My (Conservative Christian) College Yearbook Photoshopped My Punk Rock Spikes Into A White Afro

Image source: collarpoppppppin

#17 Me And All My Hair In 1988

Image source: sheNANAgens

#18 1996, Olan Mills Calls My Roommate Offering A Free Family Sitting. His Family Lived Two States Away, So We Went In To Mess With Them. I’m The Guy On The Right

Image source: b34n0fd00m

#19 A Friend Of Mine Gave Me Permission To Post This Gem. Circa Early-90s

Image source: Sgt_Pepsi

#20 1996 HS Yearbook Picture

Image source: Moose336

#21 I See Your Uncle From The 80s And Raise You My Father’s Hair From The 80s

Image source: GimmeThePizza

#22 Why Yes!! My Vest Was Homemade! Pm Me For Orders!!! 😉

Image source: Hockeylove

#23 The Blunder Brothers, Circa 1994. I’m In Purple

Image source: dame_condor

#24 I Was A 40 Year Old Woman At 13

Image source: lacylove314

#25 Look At Me! I’m A Real Fancy Boy!

Image source: respectthet

#26 Recently, My Mother Found This Senior Photo Of Me From 1994. I Looked Like Nathan From South Park

Image source: iheartbaconsalt

#27 My Uncle In The Early 80s

Image source: lNoahl

#28 Everyone Knew Me

Image source: Treklow

#29 My Attire For Homecoming (Male)

Image source: supercasey

#30 Homecoming 2012. Yes That’s My Real Hair. Yes I Spent An Hour On It Every Day

Image source: shortnblu

#31 Two Questions: Have You Accepted Jesus Christ As Your Lord And Savior, And Are You Interested In The Deal Of A Lifetime On A 1987 Plymouth Mercury?

Image source: OctopusSanta

#32 A Little Known Fact That Prior To Keaton, I Was The Batman

Image source: gingerbenji

#33 The Triangle Hair And Fake Mole Completes My Senior High School Photo

Image source: creepypeaches

#34 First Day Of High School, I Was Apparently Going For The 70 Year Old Man Look

Image source: shrewlad_

#35 It Was 1996. I Was Obsessed With Vampires And Phantom Of The Opera…behold My Embarrassing Senior Picture

Image source: TomPalmer1979

#36 I Had A Warhol-Esque, Pop-Art Phase In High School. Yes, I’m A Guy

Image source: vaporsynthretrochill

#37 Try To Contain Yourselves Ladies!!!

Image source: boognish1776

#38 The Coolest Senior Picture Ever?

Image source: woodler

#39 I Still Don’t Understand Why Girls Just Wanted To Be Friends In High School (2002)

Image source: PatrickKelly2012

#40 I Wore This Everyday In Winter In 2013 The Worse Part Is Was 27

Image source: Pigeonca

#41 On My Way To Steal Ya Man

Image source: getriebenheit

#42 ‘Ginger Hair? Freckles? Pale Skin? This Kids Going To Be Too Popular At School. Can You Level The Playing Field A Bit?’ – Parents To Hairdresser

Image source: LancingLad

#43 My Kindergarten Picture Is Definitely The Most Epic Of All My School Pictures

Image source: manda326

#44 12 Year Old Me Thought This Was A Great Everyday Look

Image source: sitonmytits

#45 My 18th Birthday. I’m The Goth. Still Great Friends With The Beautiful Girl Next To Me 🙂

Image source: GTBlues

#46 When My High School Marching Band Was Performing At The Liberty Bowl And I Ran Into Two Guys Who Looked Vaguely Like Me (I’m In The Middle)

Image source: johnny3gud

#47 Guitar Guy At Party: Check. Tortured Angst: Check. Wolf T-Shirt: Check. Ignored By Girls: Check. Hole In My Crotch That I Only Noticed Now: Check. Real Life, 1995

Image source: mattjh

#48 They Wouldn’t Take The Photo Unless I Smiled

Image source: Patsatron

#49 My All-Time Favorite Christmas Blunder (I’m Top Left)

Image source: Chrismercy

#50 I Was Surfing The Web Back In 2001

Image source: Polensky

#51 Thought It Would Be Cool To Make Knex Body Armor

Image source: mistermajik2000

#52 I Grew Up In A Small Midwest Town, My Mom Convinced Me To Take “Urban Hip-Hop” Dance Classes

Image source: poornose

#53 “Promo Shot” For My First Band’s Myspace Page. I Was 16 And Wore Women’s Clothing

Image source: howliehowls

#54 My Very First Job. Spiderman For Kids Parties

Image source: agentsblue

#55 Was Told You Guys Might Appreciate My Boy Greg’s 1992 Year Book Photos

Image source: MaxwellSinclair

#56 I Logged Into Myspace After 10 Years…

Image source: SheTastesLikeTexas

#57 I Went To School Like This More Than Once

Image source: Redragon143

#58 The Shirt Says, “Team Edward: Because Jacob Doesn’t Sparkle”

Image source: halfarab

#59 Just Found My Glamour Shot From 1995. I Was A Sassy 45 Year Old In 7th Grade, Apparently

Image source: Boots525

#60 Senior Prom 2006, Went Stag

Image source: grassdick

#61 When Your “Hardcore Tough Guy Gangster” Picture With Your Homie Turns Out To Look Like The Start Of A Gay Porn Film, But You Post It To Facebook Anyway… Millennial Blunder Years

Image source: Souper_Troll

#62 Nothing Says Cool Like Matching Sweat Suits And A Stuffed Whale On Your Knee

Image source: Nemesis2772

#63 6th Grade Going On 60

Image source: RICHB0YWINST0N

#64 Parents Thought I Was Gay. Can’t Say I Blame Them…

Image source: mrjomanbing

#65 50% Khaki, 25% Weird Crinkly Tube Top, 25% Platform Sneakers: 100% Confidence

Image source: tallnerfthis

#66 I Was 11 Years Old. Too Old To Be Doing Stuff Like This? The School Project Was To Make A Mask, We Weren’t Required To Wear It, Or Make The… Rest…

Image source: Lillianhom

#67 15-Year-Old Me Was Terrified Of Touching These Car Show Models. I Cringe Every Time I See This

Image source: Rps99sho

#68 Visiting My Family After Several Years And Going Through Albums. Me At About 12. I’m A Girl

Image source: Kaldea

#69 In 4th Good Grade, I Was Too Badass For Just One Wristwatch

Image source: dcgrove

#70 Curly Mullet, Thrift Store Boy’s Anime Shirt, Inability To Look Normal For A Picture: 2003 Was A Cruel Year For This 11yo Girl

Image source: mollieemerald

#71 My Chemical Panic At The Disco

Image source: aalexAtlanta

#72 They Called Me Professor Snape

Image source: YYZeded

#73 I Thought Listening To Metal Made Me Cool In Middle School

Image source: ryker002

#74 Since We’re Digging Through Myspace

Image source: NIsaid

#75 1990 And 11 Years Old. I Just Showed This To My 10 Year Old Daughter And Thought She’d Laugh. Nope. Only Fear

Image source: swear_words_and_smut

#76 This Is What Happens When Dorks With Cartoon Obsessions Are Allowed To Bring Props To Their Senior Photo Session. Loved Marvin So Much I Used To Joke He Was My Real Dad, The Cringe Factor Is Astronomical

Image source: kellirose1313

#77 Nothing Smoother Than Singing The Quadratic Formula

Image source: PutmickJ

#78 Titanic, Western, Newscaster Glamour Shots: 1998 In A Nutshell

Image source: MunchZbae

#79 I Thought The Other Kindergarteners Were Calling Me “Becky.” It Was “Bucky.” Thank God For Braces

Image source: SunglowSky

#80 My Senior Pic Makes Me Cringe So Good

Image source: kingmidusthetightest

#81 I Had To Bribe The School Photographer To Let Me Do This My Senior Year

Image source: jaybeaster

#82 America Was Always Great

Image source: StumpyWombat13

#83 I Was 12, Misunderstood, And Forced To Go To A Nascar Race With My Family. I Wore This In The Sweltering Heat

Image source: enohes

#84 I Was About 18 Years Old, And Heading Out For A Night On The Town. Please Note The Nose Ring- It Was Stuck On With Superglue

Image source: Frankie_Said

#85 Caught Somewhere Between The “Emo” Phase And The Boy Band Phase- Here’s Me On My Way To A Jonas Brothers Concert (2008)

Image source: theblushingwanderer

#86 Just One Of My Yearbook Photos

Image source: 5in1K

#87 Zing! (Made It Myself And Put It As My Fb Profile Pic)

Image source: RandySNewman

#88 My Senior Yearbook Photo.. It Was 2002, Frosted Tips And N*sync Were Actually Cool…

Image source: CatMaster3000

#89 I Was 16 Years Old In 1987

Image source: spinxter

#90 Reel Me In, Boyz

Image source: als_pals

#91 That Time I Wore Moon Shoes Into Meijer

Image source: fartybuttdart

#92 The Time In Sixth Grade When I Thought It Was Cool To Wear My Naruto Headband Everywhere – Even To School

Image source: coreyk_21

#93 Senior Photo With Model Cars That Was Supposed To Be ‘Just For Mom’ – Ended Up In Widespread Circulation

Image source: mozilathelaptopkilla

#94 So, I Graduated In And On 92

Image source: StriKamau

#95 The Look Of Disappointment On My Mom’s Face As I “Egyptian Dance” With My New Haircut (Because Of Lice)

Image source: vas-deferens

#96 Painful To Share But I Thought I Was A Badass In Middle School

Image source: aryafenrir

#97 This Picture Of My Mom And I. This Was 2000

Image source: ginga_gingaa

#98 They’re Almost Texas Beauty Queen Bangs

Image source: 3edgy5me

#99 Why Why Why? Am I Boy Or Girl? Why The Balloons? I Made That Shirt. Holy Hell ??

Image source: teatsfortots

#100 My Nickname In School Was Spock ?

Image source: Eraser-Head

#101 My Huge Pants Helped Me Sail Into Y2k, I Was 16 And I Should Have Known Better

Image source: kittyshapes

#102 Get In Line, Fellas

Image source: sassuhhfras

#103 My First Driver’s License Photo

Image source: __rosebud__

#104 In Highschool, I Liked To Climb And Wear XXL Shirts Even Though I Weighed 120lbs

Image source: thedailycheeze

#105 This Is What Happened When Ten Years Old Me Started Watching America’s Next Top Model

Image source: tuckermapocker

#106 She’s A Maneater

Image source: 0ldBloody0range

#107 This Gem Is Hanging In My Mom’s Hallway, Reminding Me Every Time I Visit Just How Cringeworthy I Was In 2005

Image source: HellBitch77

#108 Right Before A Brutal Transfer From Homeschool To Public School Circa 2007

Image source: theflyingskunk

#109 Not Only Did I Take A Mop To Prom, I Wore Icp Face Paint On School Picture Day In 2002

Image source: thelemonx

#110 In Fourth Grade All I Wanted Was To Marry Jtt

Image source: snarkyshan

#111 For My 30th Birthday, Figured I’d Share My Senior Photo. Class Of 05 Represent!

Image source: inablimp

#112 Sup Ladies… Circa 1997

Image source: gethuge

#113 I Used To Wonder Why I Was Bullied So Much

Image source: iTriggz

#114 Bowl Cut✔️ Gameboy✔️ Inflatable Furniture ✔️ 90’s Were Awesome

Image source: ghornthewind

#115 Had My Grandma Take This Pic Of Me In 99/00 For My “GF” I Met In An AOL Chat Room

Image source: BushwickSpill

#116 Summer 02 Was Hot Hot Hot!

Image source: SnaxwellP

#117 My Christmas Gift To This Group, My Pleather Jacket At Homecoming In 2002

Image source: rfallon1

#118 My Friend When He Was Younger. Unfortunately He’s Lost His Sense Of Style Since Then

Image source: Twoshae

#119 My Mom Wasn’t Thrilled That She Had To Pay Lifetouch For This Documentation Of Her 8th Grader’s Pokémon Love

Image source: chickenstripa

#120 Me (In Red) And My Much More Photogenic Older Brother. Probably Around 3rd Grade

Image source: nathanfromtexas

#121 Age 13 And My Life Goal Was To Lead A Myspace Follow Train

Image source: SoupPlox

#122 Being A Rad Dude Is Serious Business

Image source: dirk558

#123 I Thought I Was At The Peak Of Style. Tipping Fedora, ✔️. Orange Hair, ✔️. Plaid Trench Coat With Suit Jacket And T Shirt Underneath,✔️ . I Was A Female Neckbeard In 2007

Image source: lizlemonkush

#124 Myspace Was One Hell Of A Drug. 2007. Age 14

Image source: kittenlomein

#125 My Hillbilly Years

Image source: criminy_crimini

#126 Its A Pillow, Its A Pet, Its 8 Years Later & Im Full Of Regret

Image source: UncomplimentaryBias

#127 12 In 1

Image source: AdamLavigueur

#128 Last Time I Ever Went To Supercuts

Image source: Tusklord

#129 Me 16 Years Ago

Image source: silence_the_reaper

#130 7th Grade With My Mom Glasses

Image source: Poopsmash78

#131 I Was Bernard The Elf In 9th Grade…

Image source: schants

#132 I Took A “Photo Shoot” With All Photos Like This And Thought I Was So Cool, This Was Also My Profile Picture For Far Too Long

Image source: maybrad

#133 Gloomy Goth In 2007

Image source: ControlTheStorm

#134 My Fiancé Got This Leather Jacket When He Was 14. So Naturally He Got His Mom To Do A Photoshoot In His Room

Image source: justinemelissa

#135 I Captioned This “My Fricken Sweet Blue Hair” On Facebook. I Was 14

Image source: thegeekman

#136 Live Long And Prosper. I Was 14

Image source: Seuix

#137 As An Eighth Grader, I Was 2edgy4u

Image source: assbuttsarecool

#138 Double Trouble

Image source: docellisdee

#139 Back In 2011 When I Thought Wearing The 3d Glasses Without The Lenses Was The Cool Thing To Do

Image source: Raasiboi

#140 My Wife Loved Aaron Carter [2002]

Image source: empw

#141 1986 In Texas, Complete With Pinch- Rolled Jeans And Hi-Top Reeboks

Image source: mcknazzy

#142 I Was Pretty Much The Typical Neckbeard In Middle School. Fedora, Bad Fashion Sense, Unironic Use Of “M’lady”, The “Inquisitive Mind” Pose, And Glasses With Flaming Skulls On The Frames. Yeesh

Image source: TwinMonkeys

#143 2011. I Have So Many Of These… All On My Facebook

Image source: EICzerofour

#144 Thought It Would Look Good To Have Cornrows But It Got Too Painful About Halfway Through

Image source: jesser722

#145 I Had To Dress Up To Do A Speech

Image source: ZnKayy

#146 The Time I Went To Egypt With A Cleopatra Style Haircut

Image source: hkfortyrevan

#147 I Often Referred To Myself As Dunderman As A Child. Here’s One Of My Outfits Posing As Such

Image source: luke5986

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