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French artist Vincent Dubourg has spent 15 years exploring the subject of metamorphosis. His furniture collection, ‘Vortex’, is a celebration of this fascination.

Playing with material and form is central to Dubourg’s work. He is well known for his iconic exploding metallic cabinet and collapsing staircase. Through his manipulation of form, the furniture provides a new perspective on furniture design, or what Duborg calls “the deconstruction of society, systems and forms.” Despite mostly using aluminum, his furniture appears caught in motion, mimicking the movement of a vortex. The fluidity of his sculpture work is a mark of Dubourg’s interest in the elements fire and water. His tables, and drawers all seem to possess that same intangible quality. Many of his pieces center around the theme of disruption — whether that be in the mess of the exploding table, in the gaps between table layers or in the marks left behind on the table.

All images © Vincent Dubourg

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