A Frame Within A Frame: Studio Yuda’s Lane B House In Nashville

Using the frame as a device to both open and close space, Studio Yuda has included an abundance of windows in the design of the house and the soft-grey perimeter wall that wraps the garden. From the street, the building seems perfectly private; the openings in the outer wall offer views to the inner wall, nothing more. Inside this fence, the feeling of the space changes dramatically, opening to reveal a secret sunlit space. The warm interior of ‘Lane B House’ is lined with large windows that overlook the garden and outdoor lap pool. The proportions of these windows mimic those of the garden wall; and from certain angles, offer painterly views of a landscape framed within a landscape. Thanks to the artful fenestration of the design, the interior is bright and warm; flooded with natural light from windows and skylights that open the space to the heavens. With studios in America and China, Studio Yuda is privileged with a truly international perspective; one that is reflected in designs that move beyond architectural trends to create spaces, like ‘Lane B House’, that are truly contemporary.

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