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Ivan Karpitsky, a self-taught artist from Minsk, Belarus, crafted a useful ice boat capable of carrying at minimum a person individual, showcasing his talent on social media.

Recognised for his ice and snow sculptures, Karpitsky attained fame for an ice violin in 2020. This winter season, he exceeded anticipations with his ice boat challenge, produced on the Tsnyanskoe reservoir’s financial institutions. Using ice blocks and h2o as glue, he utilized energy tools for intricate facts, together with an aesthetic ice rudder and removable paddle wheels for the illusion of propulsion. The boat’s correct size is unclear, but it very likely accommodates a person or two passengers.

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Ivan Karpitski 420509567 407736141678371 2847373945983812517 NIvan Karpitski 420509567 407736141678371 2847373945983812517 N


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