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Artist Yasemin Demirel has sketched out effective thoughts encountered daily, such as panic, loneliness, experience confused, and dread, as adorable people.

She aims to depict these common emotions as pleasant figures, encouraging men and women to embrace and understand their feelings. Alternatively of fearing them, the intention is for individuals to discover to see these thoughts as allies.

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“My aim was to depict them as welcoming figures to stimulate persons to embrace and recognize their emotions. Fairly than fearing them, they can master to see them as allies,” she informed Bored Panda.

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Untitled Artwork 5 65c7bd4148c04 700Untitled Artwork 5 65c7bd4148c04 700
Untitled Artwork 6 65c7bd451515c 700Untitled Artwork 6 65c7bd451515c 700
Untitled Artwork 7 65c7bd47ae2db 700Untitled Artwork 7 65c7bd47ae2db 700
Untitled Artwork 8 65c7bd4a6eef3 700Untitled Artwork 8 65c7bd4a6eef3 700
Untitled Artwork 9 65c7bd340e90d 700Untitled Artwork 9 65c7bd340e90d 700


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