A Residence Hidden In A Costa Rica Forest

OsArquitectura believe in architecture, the city and nature as three inseparable elements. Their ‘Las Hojas’ house is a contemporary residence constructed in the middle of a forest in Costa Rica.

Las Hojas house is located in the northwestern part of the country, on the outskirts of the coastal town Tamarindo, an area frequented by tourists. OsArquitectura have nestled the residence into a long narrow hilltop, 3 kilometers from the coast, surrounded by forest and lush vegetation. The construction of an open plan layout, large patio area and swimming pool makes the house an ideal rural retreat. Las Hojas is a one storey build, with the house following the natural elevation of the site. Residents are lead to bedrooms and bathrooms via single-level stone steps, also presenting a sculptural feature in the home.

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