A Road Trip Across France With Lorenzo Scudiero

For photographer Lorenzo Scudiero the medium of analog photography has become an exciting way tell a story, because he knows “that it is near to what he perceives.”

Born and raised in Rovereto, a small city located in the North of Italy, Scudiero grew up surrounded by a stunning landscape at the southern edge of the Italian Alps. Creating peaceful images showing the harmony of nature and young people searching for adventure, he decided to go on a two week road trip across France together with five other friends going from coast to coast…

“It seemed to me as I had been living in a dream for whole two weeks.”“We wanted to see the real France, to explore the landscape and discover the places hardly visible on the main roads. This is why we travelled by camper, from the Canyon du Verdon to the Rustrel Desert going up then to the wonderful Paris and the cliffs of Normandy. It seemed to me as I had been living in a dream for whole two weeks. We did not plan the travel following a scheduled time because we wanted that the events and the new acquaintances would lead us towards our targets in a natural way.”

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