A Series Of Dynamic Industrial Lamps

Made in collaboration between designer Marta Ayala Herrera and architect Cito Ballesta, ‘Entreplanta Lighting’ is a series of dynamic industrial lamps dedicated for a cultural center in Madrid, Spain.

“The hardest design is that of simple honest products.”
With each piece made of folded and lacquered micro-perforated sheets, the lamps recover a low-end industrial material and give it a new sense and presence. Situated in Madrid’s cultural center ‘La Casa Encendida’, they were made as a part of the project of the Entreplanta, where space is intersected with furniture. The series comes in three different models which, when combined, create different codes that bathe the space with continuously light. Positioned to explore the X, Y and Z axes, they animate the space with its various volumes. Herrera says: “The hardest design is that of simple honest products. To achieve this you must use sober and really sensitive intelligence. We should judge objects as a part of a full sensuous experience because design is what connects people with their own reality.”

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