A Zero-Emission Cabin On An Island In The Helsinki Archipelago

On a rocky outcrop on an island wildlife reserve in the Helsinki archipelago is the ‘Nolla Cabin’; an A-frame building designed by Robin Falck for renewable energy company Neste’s ‘Journey to Zero Campaign’.

This off-grid construction is a prototype for zero-emission housing that can be erected anywhere with zero traces left behind. At nine square meters, the cabin is the size of a small bedroom, large enough for the essentials—a kitchenette and two beds—and small enough that it does not require a construction permit to erect. Built from sustainable materials, the cabin offers a return to simpler times and nature. Power is generated by solar panels attached to the A-frame roof, and the stove runs on Neste MY Renewable Diesel, a fuel made from waste and residue. As the island features no infrastructure, bathing occurs in the ocean and toilets are located four hundred meters away in a public eco-block. The property on Vallisaari island is available for rent, with all proceeds from holiday stays being donated by Neste to The Ocean Cleanup, who develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

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