“Creatures Of The Cold”: Spectacular Winning Photos Of The Annual Antarctic Photography Exhibition

The annual Antarctic photography exhibition, which is part of Hobart’s Antarctica festival is back on with its chilly, majestic imagery. The winner this year is Sydney’s Sam Edmonds with his striking photo of a gentoo penguin in the snow.

Gentoo by Sam Edmonds was the winner of the competition. (Photo by Sam Edmonds/The Guardian)

Adelie dive. (Photo by Ella Clausius/The Guardian)

Antarctic Pancake Ice. (Photo by Zach Lockhard/The Guardian)

Veil of Deception. (Photo by Amanda Kirk/The Guardian)

Magnetic Attraction. (Photo by Richard Graney/The Guardian)

Upfront Adelie. (Photo by Frederique Oliver/The Guardian)

Casey Station 2017. (Photo by Chris J. Wilson/The Guardian)

Adelies Crack Me Up. (Photo by Stefan Christmann/The Guardian)

“Of Ice and Steel”. (Photo by Frederique Olivier/The Guardian)

Royal Penguin. (Photo by Justin Gilligan/The Guardian)

Leopard Seal Haven. (Photo by Peter Wood/The Guardian)

Jaded Sunset. (Photo by Chris Watson/The Guardian)

Iceberg. (Photo by Sam Edmonds/The Guardian)

Walking in the Mist. (Photo by Roslyn Chant/The Guardian)

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