Abstract Nude Photography By Dani Olivier

Since 2007, French photographer Dani Olivier specialized on his very own, experimental approach to nude photography. He uses the female body as a projection surface that displays intricate light patterns and images. His models are nude, they wear a minimum of make up and no striking accessories. Olivier’s pictures stand out because he refuses to edit the original photos. Thus, he creates his pictures at the time of the shoots with no chance of changing anything afterwards. All pictures are taken in front of a black background. In this way the viewer only sees the interplay between the model and the lighting event. The photographer focuses on either figurative or abstract light art, both of which always lead to a surreal composition. So the projected patterns interact with the female bodies combined with their movements. Through his unique artistic concept Olivier established an innovative approach to nude photography. The only things he needs to create his works are a body, a black backdrop, light projectors and a camera.

All images © Dani Olivier

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